About Me

I've been running off and on since 1994 but since I was forced to do so while at The Citadel and the USAF I never really took time to enjoy it.  I would run the occasional 5K to support local charities but that was the extent of my "racing".  I never trained or took it seriously.  Randomly I signed up to run a the 2006 USAF Marathon with a good friend of mine (who never ran much more than 3-5 miles either).  We made it to the 13 mile long run when he was suffering from knee pain causing us to focus on completing the half marathon instead.  I actually took a break in my training as I didn't run again until about 2 weeks before the half.  I ended up finishing with a decent time (2:17:29) but the last few miles really stunk.  It took me four more years to convince myself that with proper training completing a half marathon doesn't have to hurt like that race...in fact it can actually be fun!
I'm hoping to successfully incorporate P90-X and possibly other workouts into my life so that I can become healthier and improve my running.  I’ve previously attempted P90-X a couple times but my body seemed to shut down after the first phase.  Looking back I can now see that only getting 4 hours asleep (family, work, Masters Degree, and Tony Horton kicking my rear end) is not conducive to long term fitness.
In a World of Pink
I am blessed to be the only male in a house with wife and three daughters.  Yes, I am outnumbered four to one but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I've gotten used to playing with Disney Princesses, having tea parties (at least they serve me coffee instead), seeing "the look" from each of them and being called silly names like "Daddy Fashion Boy" and “Princess Peach” (don't even ask why they call me those names because I have no idea either).  
Running in a World of Pink
I would love to introduce my girls to running and being physically fit so that I can spend time with them in when I'm not having tea parties.  My two oldest daughters have already ran a race (400 meters), received a medal and promptly hung them next to my half marathon medals.  Of course they want me to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I'm not even sure they allow men to run, but if they decide to run it when they are older I will too!