Friday, May 11, 2012

The Best Two Work Days at the Pentagon

One of the coolest things this deployment has brought me is back to back days of weapons qualifications at Combat Arms Training and Maintenance.  A few weeks ago I traded in my lethal computer all of it’s the excel spreadsheets in order to become a trained warrior.  Well, at least I can pretend right?  In all reality if the fighting gets to the point where I’m pulling the trigger we’ve got bigger things to worry about.  So while I hope I never have to test my weapons training I’ve got to say that I had a blast firing at the range.  Maybe its the redneck in me but one of my first thought was how cool it would be to take these to the deer woods in Texas!

M4 9mm

Ironically Starbucks tastes so much better knowing that you are going to fire a 9mm later in the afternoon!  I tried to get the instructors to report that I needed “extra practice” in both weapons.  Unfortunately they didn’t fall for it so I was sentenced back to the cubicles.  Oh well such is life.

FYI for all you future boyfriends of my daughters…remember this post.  I am qualified and will be carrying a 9mm when you come to pick my girls up for a date. 

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  1. i would also suggest while the young men are there you be cleaning your Benelli M4 shotgun. As they are leaving ask what time are you going to have my daughter home? Wink and smile at him as you are holding the shotgun. hehehe