Saturday, March 17, 2012

Successful Day: 10 Races and Placed in Each One!

No, I didn’t compete in 10 races and definitely finish well enough to win an award…but my girls did!  Today was our church’s AWANA’s Grand Prix race (just like Cub Scout’s Pinewood Derby) and their cars did great!  Madalynn won all four preliminary races and came in 3rd in the final race for the Cubbie’s Division!  Claire also won all four of the preliminary races in the Sparks division and then placed 2nd in the finals!  Not to shabby for our first time attempting the Grand Prix races huh?

 Rainbow and Racer

DSC_0132 DSC_0136 Winners













The best part is that they helped pick out the car design, sand them down and paint the cars so there was some pride involved in their handiwork! Now that we have one race under our belt, I think we can improve our design and weight distribution and have faster times for next year!  Plus, this might give excuses for additional power tools!  Of course, it all for the kids…right?

Now if I only had them help me fill out my March Madness bracket this weekend would have been perfect!

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  1. Cute! Your girls are getting so big and not to mention so pretty. You're in trouble, just get ready! :)
    My boys have their pine wood derby race next month. They are excited about getting their cars together.