Saturday, March 17, 2012

Successful Day: 10 Races and Placed in Each One!

No, I didn’t compete in 10 races and definitely finish well enough to win an award…but my girls did!  Today was our church’s AWANA’s Grand Prix race (just like Cub Scout’s Pinewood Derby) and their cars did great!  Madalynn won all four preliminary races and came in 3rd in the final race for the Cubbie’s Division!  Claire also won all four of the preliminary races in the Sparks division and then placed 2nd in the finals!  Not to shabby for our first time attempting the Grand Prix races huh?

 Rainbow and Racer

DSC_0132 DSC_0136 Winners













The best part is that they helped pick out the car design, sand them down and paint the cars so there was some pride involved in their handiwork! Now that we have one race under our belt, I think we can improve our design and weight distribution and have faster times for next year!  Plus, this might give excuses for additional power tools!  Of course, it all for the kids…right?

Now if I only had them help me fill out my March Madness bracket this weekend would have been perfect!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pre-Deployment Training Plan

Two of my goals for the year (running 750 total miles and running with my girls at my eldest's elementary school) are in jeopardy because of my own laziness I however it doesn’t appear that would I have met them anyways.  After doing some quick unofficial research (Google and word of mouth) I’ve adjust the goals slightly.  While I’m going to get as many miles for the year as I can, I’m not going to focus on a specific number.  Instead I’m going to put all of my effort into getting above a 90 on the USAF PT test.  I’m usually getting max points on the push ups and sit ups so if I want a 90 then I need to focus on shrinking my weight and having a faster 1.5 mile run.  AF PT Test Score Sheet

In order to max out the points for the waist measurement you have to have a 35 inch waist however, on my last test I stretched the tape to a grand total of 35 inches.  There is some room for improvement but that small gain will produce a nice chunk of points.  I don’t want to settle for 35 because getting closer to the 32 inch mark also means that my weight is dropping as well…which should help my run time a bit, right? 

Dropping the 1.5 mile run time is, in my opinion, the harder of the two.  My most recent time was 13:11 and figure I need to drop this by 2 minutes in order to reach my goal of getting a 90.  I’ve never done speed work so I don’t have anything to base my expectations on.  Right now I’m not sure that I can drop my time in just six months.

So my plan before the deployment begins is get a head start on the process by attempting to survive a round of P90-X.  A buddy from work, who has completed the program more times than he can count says that my goals are definitely in reach with P90-X.  My one alteration to the program is that I will be running on the cardio days instead of doing the scheduled workouts.  I’m hoping that this change doesn’t impact my results.

I've had some issues with my body breaking down after a couple weeks of the program.  From what I've gathered it was a combination of lack of sleep and not eating enough.  My schedule is a bit different now so hopefully I can make it through the program.

I’ve already complete 3 days of the program and am experiencing the obligatory soreness that follows.  Its a good thing that I’ve got short hair because it might be a couple days until I can lift my arms high enough to wash my hair!  My cardio consisted of a 2 mile run (had to stop because I felt a blister forming) at the Pentagon Athletic Center.  I really wanted to run outside and enjoy the beautiful weather but my youngest daughter decided to hid my Garmin.  Fortunately Lady M found it in the most random place that I would never look, the coffee table   Assuming my blister holds up I will visit good ole Abe on my next run. 

Have you had success with P90-X?  What was your biggest struggle with "pushing play"?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blog Lay Off and Summer Vacations

So if you haven’t noticed I've been absent quite a lot in my blog posting...that also means that I've running has been absent with me.  Lately work seems to have sucked all of the motivation and energy out of me but replaced it with stress, longer hours and even more stress.  Unfortunately I’ve allowed the frustration to impact some of my yearly goals.  I think mileage goal is pretty much shot. The good news is that, while not planned, I would not have been able to meet my goal anyway. Making this a bit better is that this reason is because I'm getting an all-inclusive vacation!  For 6-months I will be able to make sand castles and get a nice sun tan. The bad news is that this vacation will be located in place where there is 652,230 square miles of land and 0 square miles of water.  Instead of a nice luxurious beach I will get to see this.


Afghanistan, is not the place that I planned to spend my summer but I have no room to complain; I’m fortunate that this deployment is only 6-months long instead of a year.  Ironically I was notified of the deployment within an hour of our family confirming reservations for a summer vacation at the beach.  Yes, one with an ocean.  Shoving the knife a bit deeper into my back, the day that I have to be in country is the same day that Lady M and the girls will be enjoying a condo facing the ocean with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and their kids!

I hope to be able to keep up with blog while I’m overseas because from what I’m told unless you are working (which will be 7 days a week) there isn’t much else to do.  Most people spend their extra free time working out so I’m hoping to take advantage of this opportunity to lose the unwanted weight and blog often.  As for my running, unless they have satellite races I don’t see any races over the summer, not even a 5K.  Therefore, I’m going to repost some updated goals for 2012 and do my best to reach them while I’m gone.  But until I’m airborne and headed across the pond I’m going to do my best and update the blog more frequently and spend extra time with the family. 

For those who haven’t forgotten about me or haven’t deleted my blog from your reader, THANKS!