Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Recap – Better Late Than Never

January Ran 46.5 miles while in the beginning of my training plan for the National Half Marathon.  It was a great start to the year, high aspirations and a lot of motivation.  Looking back I noticed that I never finished The Count of Monte Cristo!

February Ran 44.7.  I fell short of my planned mileage for the month (even ran less than January) thanks to being sick.  I did run my first 10K and met my personal goal of having a sub 10 minute pace.  The winds were said to be about 50 mph so I think breaking 1 hour won’t be that difficult next time.

March Ran 70 miles.  My longest run was obviously the National Half Marathon.  I accomplished my goal of beating my previous PR and Paula Radcliffe’s FULL marathon time.  I am impressed with my time of 2:11:55, however, I am even more impressed that after the race I felt like I could have gone a bit farther.  I wish I was running this race again in 2012, it was a lot of fun.

April Ran 24 miles.  With the scar tissue causing me problems my mileage was cut drastically in April.  This was the beginning to a stretch of crutches and no running.

May Still on crutches so no running.

June – August According to Daily Mile I ran a grand total of 29 miles in 3 months. 

Jun – 13

Jul – 5

Aug - 11

If you think that is bad wait till you seen September and October!

September – October Zero, zilch, nada, nothing.  Sad huh.

October was highlighted by the Weekend to Remember trip.  It was great to spend some time with Lady M and not worry about the kids.

November – December Ran 23 miles.  The good news is that I finished with a decent month, compared to the previous seven!  The best part of December was running a race with Lady M, the worst part was that it was the 5K Hot Chocolate DC.

Nov – 3

Dec = 20

Recap I met some of my goals yet failed at some as well.  I hope to be more consistent with running throughout the entire year and achieve my new goals.  After giving the idea of running a full marathon more thought, I’ve decided to stick with my original goals.  If I’m feeling extra spunky I will run another half, with the goal of breaking the 2:00 mark.

On a side note I realized that I read 17 books throughout the year, an all time personal high!

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