Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Facts about Afghanistan and Living the High Life!

Since being notified of my deployment I’ve been constantly completing training courses and getting “smart” prior to arriving in country.  Most of the training has been pretty bland and painfully long so I find myself trying to find information about Afghanistan.  Courtesy of http://www.10-facts-about.com here are some interesting facts I’ve learned.

Fact 1: The New Year in Afghanistan, called Nawroz, is celebrated on 21 March which is the first day of spring.  I wish I could experience a New Year’s party Afghan style…I would like to see their version of our Dick Clark.
Fact 2: The largest city in Afghanistan is Kabul, the capital.  It’s population of 3.9 million is slightly larger than L.A.
Fact 3: Afghanistan is a landlocked country sharing borders with Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and China.  China…really?  I had to look at the map to see if this was true.
Fact 4: Poetry is a big part of Afghans' culture and it has been for centuries. In the city of Herat, women, men and children gather on Thursday night to share verses from old and new poetry.  I wonder if they ever heard the one about beans and how good they are for your heart? 
Fact 5: The people of Afghanistan are called Afghans and not Afghanis which is the currency. A common mistake that happens among people.  Yep, include me on making this mistake.
Fact 6: The official language of Afghanistan is Dari and Pashto. They speak several other languages as well such as Persian, Uzbek and Turkmen to name a few.  With my limited Dari training on the computer, I’m not going to let my interrupter get more than 2 feet away!
Fact 7: Afghanistan's main source of income comes from agriculture. They produce large amounts of crops that are enough to provide for the people and export as well. They plant vegetables, fruits, rice and nuts.  While Afghanistan is known for their opium I’ve read that since 2007 opium has been on a steady decline.
Fact 8: Afghanistan is also rich in natural resources with the main ones being natural gas and oil.  This isn’t that surprising.
Fact 9: Afghanistan's national game is called Buzkashi, or in other words, goat-grabbing. It's a sport where the players in two teams try to catch a goat while riding on a horse. It has been played for centuries and it even got sponsors for it nowadays.   From the pictures I’ve seen on the internet it appears to be a pretty brutal and bloody sport.  I’m sure I will need a wavier from my boss if I’m going to play this game!
Fact 10: Afghanistan celebrates its independence on August 19th from Britain. Afghanistan wasn't actually part of the British Colony. However, they went into war three times until Afghanistan declared its independence in 1919. I’m willing to bet that Afghanistan doesn’t have any provinces where it is illegal to buy or sell fireworks!

Finally, I’m off to my first week of training for this deployment. It’s a weeklong classroom style training so it can be difficult to stay fully awake and attentive to the topic being discussed. Overall it's beneficial to get an idea on my future but it’s overwhelming at the same time, I’m hoping the muddy waters will clear up. At least the accommodations are nice. I’ve never drank a Monster Energy Drink in such style!

Fancy Monster

In family terms the deployment has sort of started because today is Madalynn’s birthday and I will not be there.  That makes it official, I will have missed all birthday’s of my girls this year (including Lady M’s).  At least I will be there for the party on Saturday! 

I’m looking forward to this week coming to an end because of birthday party and being able to see family again.  After the party Lady M and I are sneaking off for a mini vacation prior too the fun beginning in June.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Best Two Work Days at the Pentagon

One of the coolest things this deployment has brought me is back to back days of weapons qualifications at Combat Arms Training and Maintenance.  A few weeks ago I traded in my lethal computer all of it’s the excel spreadsheets in order to become a trained warrior.  Well, at least I can pretend right?  In all reality if the fighting gets to the point where I’m pulling the trigger we’ve got bigger things to worry about.  So while I hope I never have to test my weapons training I’ve got to say that I had a blast firing at the range.  Maybe its the redneck in me but one of my first thought was how cool it would be to take these to the deer woods in Texas!

M4 9mm

Ironically Starbucks tastes so much better knowing that you are going to fire a 9mm later in the afternoon!  I tried to get the instructors to report that I needed “extra practice” in both weapons.  Unfortunately they didn’t fall for it so I was sentenced back to the cubicles.  Oh well such is life.

FYI for all you future boyfriends of my daughters…remember this post.  I am qualified and will be carrying a 9mm when you come to pick my girls up for a date. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Don’t Even Know What To Say Anymore…

To say that this year has been eventful would be an understatement.  Until April I would have said that my deployment would be the highlight of the year…I can’t say that anymore!  April 1, Lady M informed me that we (more so her than me) are once again pregnant.  Yes, you read that correctly, PREGNANT.  Let me go ahead and answer the questions that we everybody seems to have:

  1. Yes, we know about the birds and the bees.  We do know where babies come from…despite what I learned from the school bus sex education class!
  2. No, we were not trying.  Without going into too much detail…we were using preventive measures that was supposed to be 99% effective.
  3. No, I will not be back stateside when the baby is born.
  4. No, we are not trying give the Duggar’s a run for their money.
  5. No, we are not addicted to the tax credit we receive with each kid…but it will be nice!
  6. No, we were not trying one last time for a boy!

While this was not on our radar screen we couldn’t be more excited.  The fact that God has surprised to bless us with another child is in my mind the closest thing to the definition of awesome that I can imagine!  If you needed visual proof here is Lady M’s ultrasound. 

#4 10 weeks

To the best of our knowledge the baby is almost 10 weeks so that means we are looking at a early December due date however, after discussing Lady M’s previous pregnancies with the doctor we are probably going to have the baby mid-November…further insuring that I will not be back in time.  So, we are going to be using and abusing Skype as much as possible!  At least I can be here for most of the first trimester and enjoy the random cravings such Philly Cheese Steaks, Chinese, Mexican, and cinnamon rolls.

Overall we are still stunned to know that there will be another child in our family come November.  I am still having a hard time comprehending that when leaving I will be saying good bye to 3 kids but when I come back I will be saying hello to 4.  However, I wouldn’t have in any other way!  We will have to wait until late July to find out if this child will bring further meaning to the blog’s name or if I need to come up with a new one! So I promise to give more updates as the pregnancy and my deployment progresses!  Stay tuned for the link where you can make donations to the Pritchett Kid College Fund!

- Ray

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Successful Day: 10 Races and Placed in Each One!

No, I didn’t compete in 10 races and definitely finish well enough to win an award…but my girls did!  Today was our church’s AWANA’s Grand Prix race (just like Cub Scout’s Pinewood Derby) and their cars did great!  Madalynn won all four preliminary races and came in 3rd in the final race for the Cubbie’s Division!  Claire also won all four of the preliminary races in the Sparks division and then placed 2nd in the finals!  Not to shabby for our first time attempting the Grand Prix races huh?

 Rainbow and Racer

DSC_0132 DSC_0136 Winners













The best part is that they helped pick out the car design, sand them down and paint the cars so there was some pride involved in their handiwork! Now that we have one race under our belt, I think we can improve our design and weight distribution and have faster times for next year!  Plus, this might give excuses for additional power tools!  Of course, it all for the kids…right?

Now if I only had them help me fill out my March Madness bracket this weekend would have been perfect!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pre-Deployment Training Plan

Two of my goals for the year (running 750 total miles and running with my girls at my eldest's elementary school) are in jeopardy because of my own laziness I however it doesn’t appear that would I have met them anyways.  After doing some quick unofficial research (Google and word of mouth) I’ve adjust the goals slightly.  While I’m going to get as many miles for the year as I can, I’m not going to focus on a specific number.  Instead I’m going to put all of my effort into getting above a 90 on the USAF PT test.  I’m usually getting max points on the push ups and sit ups so if I want a 90 then I need to focus on shrinking my weight and having a faster 1.5 mile run.  AF PT Test Score Sheet

In order to max out the points for the waist measurement you have to have a 35 inch waist however, on my last test I stretched the tape to a grand total of 35 inches.  There is some room for improvement but that small gain will produce a nice chunk of points.  I don’t want to settle for 35 because getting closer to the 32 inch mark also means that my weight is dropping as well…which should help my run time a bit, right? 

Dropping the 1.5 mile run time is, in my opinion, the harder of the two.  My most recent time was 13:11 and figure I need to drop this by 2 minutes in order to reach my goal of getting a 90.  I’ve never done speed work so I don’t have anything to base my expectations on.  Right now I’m not sure that I can drop my time in just six months.

So my plan before the deployment begins is get a head start on the process by attempting to survive a round of P90-X.  A buddy from work, who has completed the program more times than he can count says that my goals are definitely in reach with P90-X.  My one alteration to the program is that I will be running on the cardio days instead of doing the scheduled workouts.  I’m hoping that this change doesn’t impact my results.

I've had some issues with my body breaking down after a couple weeks of the program.  From what I've gathered it was a combination of lack of sleep and not eating enough.  My schedule is a bit different now so hopefully I can make it through the program.

I’ve already complete 3 days of the program and am experiencing the obligatory soreness that follows.  Its a good thing that I’ve got short hair because it might be a couple days until I can lift my arms high enough to wash my hair!  My cardio consisted of a 2 mile run (had to stop because I felt a blister forming) at the Pentagon Athletic Center.  I really wanted to run outside and enjoy the beautiful weather but my youngest daughter decided to hid my Garmin.  Fortunately Lady M found it in the most random place that I would never look, the coffee table   Assuming my blister holds up I will visit good ole Abe on my next run. 

Have you had success with P90-X?  What was your biggest struggle with "pushing play"?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blog Lay Off and Summer Vacations

So if you haven’t noticed I've been absent quite a lot in my blog posting...that also means that I've running has been absent with me.  Lately work seems to have sucked all of the motivation and energy out of me but replaced it with stress, longer hours and even more stress.  Unfortunately I’ve allowed the frustration to impact some of my yearly goals.  I think mileage goal is pretty much shot. The good news is that, while not planned, I would not have been able to meet my goal anyway. Making this a bit better is that this reason is because I'm getting an all-inclusive vacation!  For 6-months I will be able to make sand castles and get a nice sun tan. The bad news is that this vacation will be located in place where there is 652,230 square miles of land and 0 square miles of water.  Instead of a nice luxurious beach I will get to see this.


Afghanistan, is not the place that I planned to spend my summer but I have no room to complain; I’m fortunate that this deployment is only 6-months long instead of a year.  Ironically I was notified of the deployment within an hour of our family confirming reservations for a summer vacation at the beach.  Yes, one with an ocean.  Shoving the knife a bit deeper into my back, the day that I have to be in country is the same day that Lady M and the girls will be enjoying a condo facing the ocean with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and their kids!

I hope to be able to keep up with blog while I’m overseas because from what I’m told unless you are working (which will be 7 days a week) there isn’t much else to do.  Most people spend their extra free time working out so I’m hoping to take advantage of this opportunity to lose the unwanted weight and blog often.  As for my running, unless they have satellite races I don’t see any races over the summer, not even a 5K.  Therefore, I’m going to repost some updated goals for 2012 and do my best to reach them while I’m gone.  But until I’m airborne and headed across the pond I’m going to do my best and update the blog more frequently and spend extra time with the family. 

For those who haven’t forgotten about me or haven’t deleted my blog from your reader, THANKS! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Recap

Planned:  27.1

Only 3% so far

Actual: 21.1

750 Goal
Missing 6 miles in the first month is not a good way to start 2012.  I knew that work would start to ramp up after the holidays but I still was not mentally prepared to be flexible with my time and run when my schedule allowed.  I’m very fortunate that taking time to exercise during the week is not only encouraged but expected however, I’ve relied too much on being able to run while at work so when the time comes where I can’t run during the day it is VERY hard to run at home.  I only get a limited amount of time with the girls before they to bed and then even a smaller amount of time with Lady M. 

I refuse to give up that time so I need to make running a higher priority over sleep.  If I’m going to be selfish with my time at home, it has to be when everyone is asleep.

Favorite Run
My favorite run for the month is tie between the 3.5 mile birthday out and back run from the Pentagon to the Lincoln Memorial and the FYTO 5K.  The 3.5 miles is still the longest I’ve ran in the VFFs and surprisingly I was not too sore afterwards.  The FYTO 5K was the hardest run of the month but the most gratifying because I had a good number of friends to socialize with and I got to spend time with my middle daughter.


Another one of my goals for the year is to read the entire Bible is a year.  I’ve read the complete Bible before but never in a single year so I wanted give this shot this year.  I’ve tried to accomplish this a couple times but I always get bogged down in around Leviticus.  My commute to/from work has proven to be just enough time to get through the daily reading (Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs) in The One Year Bible on my Kindle.  So far I’m still on track and haven’t missed a day.

This is one of the best books that I’ve read about the being the spiritual leader of a family.  It does a wonderful job of discussing the balance of a man’s career, personal goals, and ministries while having young children at home.  Definitely recommend.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Update and FYTO 5K Race Report

Running/Training Updates
So it’s been a while since I gave a weekend update and to be honest I’m not too thrilled about doing this one.  The fact that if it weren’t for the fact that I know a few of you will be reading this I would skip it.  Heck I already did last weekend but I don’t want to go through another week of guilt so here I am. 

Work has been a bit more hectic than usual but I’ve told myself I will not run at home because I don’t want to sacrifice that time with my family.  At first I thought that was a good enough excuse but its not.  I could have easily ran when they went to bed or before I leave for work.  No excuses.  If I want to be held accountable for my running and weight then I need to be completely honest.  I was just lazy.   I chose not to run…I could have probably made the time but I didn’t.

FYTO Race Recap:
A group of friends from church have recently stated that we need to get together more often rather than just on Sundays.  Enter the FYTO Virtual 5K.  It was a perfect event to have people over, run, and have good fellowship.  All in all we had a 23 people show up!   Of those who actually took part in the race there were 6 runners, 4 walkers, and one biker.  Sorry Adam we forgot to get out the camera and take pictures!  EPIC FAIL!

After a quick verbal description of the route the wife of a Marine had to draw a map for her husband so that he could understand.  Unfortunately it didn’t dawn on everyone that the newly drawn map resembled a phallic symbol until I was showing the route to everyone!  Maybe it was a good thing we forgot to get the camera!  After a few Marine jokes and consumed a few brownies we all went out at our own pace.  We should have given the Marine more of a hard time because he was clearly the fastest of the group.  It’s estimated (he didn’t time it) that his time was around 18 or 19 minutes!

Personally, this was my first run in 10 days and I knew it would be rough.  I over estimated how hard it would be to push my 3 year old daughter in a stroller for 3 miles of rolling hills!  Even though it took me over 30 minutes to finish I’m glad I did it.  At one point while struggling to run up a hill my daughter asked, “Daddy, why did you stop running?”  The sad part was that I didn’t stop! 

This is the first time that I’ve really ran with one of my daughters when they were old enough to understand what was going on.  It was a completely new experience.  Despite the hills, I would take her running with me anytime!

Unfortunately, we almost had one casualty.  My precious Droid X fell into the toilet before people even starting showing up.  Thanks letting it sit in a bag of Uncle Ben's rice for almost 24 hours I'm glad to say that it is fully mission capable.  I hope that Verizon or Apple have Uncle Ben on their payroll because the good Uncle has saved my phone 3 times now!

After we all made it back to the house Lady M and my mother-in-law had an assortment of refreshments and snacks, you know it’s not an official Baptist get together unless we have food!  Even though I caught flack for not having water stops along the route, no t-shirts, and the course having too many hills, I think everybody had a good time.

Starting weight 30 Dec: 208lbs
Current weight 27 Jan: 204lbs
Change from last week: -1lbs
Total weight loss/gain: –4lbs

I skipped last weeks weigh-in but I’ve kept track of the weight loss anyway.  Even while being lazy I managed to lose 1 pound in each of the last two weeks.  That is short of the 2 pounds per week but I will take it.  I am going to have to kick it into gear if I want to get to the 180 mark.  Fortunately my family is planning on a mini vacation at the beach this summer so that should provide some extra motivation to shed the weight.  It looks like OPERATION Beach Bound will have to go into full effect.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RIAWOP: Random 11

I've been bogged down with just about everything you can imagine so something had to give...unfortunately it was updating RIAWOP.  Making matters worse the busiest time of year has arrived at work so I am hoping to get at least 2 posts per week.
Spanning across the blogsosphere are posts where you provide 11 random things that you think most people won't know.  With my temporary absence I thought it is a great idea to get back into the swing of things.  Here are the details: 
1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in this post
  1. At the age of 35, I’m still immature and not very smart – I still have a baby tooth and had all six, yes six, of my wisdom teeth pulled at once.
  2. Math was my worst subject in school – yet, I love everything that involves data, excel spreadsheets. 
  3. I love fantasy baseball and have been in a fantasy baseball keeper league for 3 years – this compliments my love for those things listed in #2.  Yes, I have a spreadsheet that helps me track players and potential trades
  4. In my mind, there are 3 different food groups.  Cheeseburgers, Italian, and Mexican - This explains why I’ve always been overweight my whole life.
  5. I was a total choir geek in high school.  I was in concert choir, show choir and renaissance singers.  I’m glad that I was a part of those groups because I have a good appreciation for all types of music but I wish I did more things to broaden my high school life.
  6. My oldest daughter told me that she was going to root of the the New York Yankees when she gets older!  Is 6 years to old to have an intervention? 
  7. My first job was making flavored shaved ice – I almost lost that job because I tried to imitate Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail by traveling to Jamaica to sell flavored shaved ice meeting woman and falling in love attempting to do tricks with the flavor bottles.  
  8. While in high school I was fortunate to see two Broadway shows in New York, “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Guys and Dolls”.  Both were awesome but I enjoyed “Guys and Dolls” more.
  9. Despite my lack of posting on this blog I think I would love to be able to write for a living – I guess I need to learn when to use a comma and a semi-colon.
  10. My all time favorite cereal is Cap’n Crunch followed by Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  11. The first cassette (remember those) that I bought was “Footloose” – I almost got Ghostbusters” but I thought it would be scary

This is the easiest part - (okay copy - paste - then answer - here we go)

1. What was your favorite vacation of all time?  Bed and breakfast with Lady M in the Alabama mountains
2.  Snacks: Sweet or Salty? Sweet
3.  What were you doing around this time ten years ago?  Just 2 weeks shy of meeting Lady M for the first time and getting ready to deploy to Al Udeid Qatar
4.  Hit play on your Ipod (iphone, cassette, 8-track, whatever)  Nothing…my iPod battery had died, sad huh?  If I hit play in my truck it would play “Dad Life”, the girls love that song

5.  What was your favorite memory of 2011?  Family vacation at Disney World, it was a rough week since we went in July but we all had a blast
6.  Google “(Your first name) needs”. What comes up?  The top two results are “Ray needs energy” which is ironically very true and “Apparently, What Ray J needs is to show off more of his body”…um, no I don’t!
7.  What is your favorite running or triathlon related product?  Hands down my favorite running related product is my Garmin Forerunner 305.  Even though I get lost with all of the data after uploading it to my computer, I study my stats after each run.
8.  If you could only do one race, which one would it be?  Probably a Disney World race, what’s not to love about running in the place “where dreams come true”.  I’ve often thought about making the Disney World Marathon my first.  I’ve heard so many good things about it (if you aren’t worried about your time)
9Do you prefer to train alone or in groups?  Apart from random runs with friends, I always run solo.  The idea of slowing the group up holds me back from running with a club.
10What is the one race you wouldn’t mind doing over and over again?   Unfortunately, I haven’t found a race that I HAVE to do every year.  The 2011 National Half is high on the list though.
11.  What accomplishment makes you the most proud?  I’m assuming this accomplishment is running related so it has to be that I signed up and ran last year half marathon without support of another person who was running it as well.  The training for my first half marathon was easier because I knew I had a friend training as well.  Plus, I met my goal!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend Update

Running/Training Updates
I ran my 6 miles scheduled that were scheduled for the week.  I’m still running 2 miles three times, since I don’t want to push the transition into the Vibrams.  However, I’m considering making next Friday’s run 3 miles, I will see how my legs are feeling then.  The first week of 2012 but I’m off to a good start of meeting my goal of running 750 miles. 6 down and 744 more to go!

The upcoming FYTO Virtual 5K satellite race is starting to shape up.  A few people have expressed interest in meeting on the 28th to run.  Lady M has graciously volunteered to have coffee and munchies after the race so at least there is something to look forward to at the finish line!  If you are interested in taking part with us be sure to contact me for directions and visit The Boring Runner’s site for more info and to let him know you are running.  My girls have even said that they want to run too, so there even be a kid's fun run as well!  Once we get closer and have a better idea who will be running we can work out a time to meet.

Starting weight 30 Dec: 208lbs
Current weight 6 Jan: 206lbs
Change from last week: -2lbs
Total weight loss/gain: -2lbs

As a form of accountability, I’m going to start posted my weight loss progress during the weekend update posts.   I started using Weight Watchers are the means to log my diet and track my weight on 30 Dec 2011 and will have an official weigh in every Friday.  Prior to starting I had to determine what my goal weight would be, I originally chose 180 pounds because that seemed more realistic and consistent with USAF standards but I was amazed of what some say my “ideal weight” should be.

According to several sites, the ideal weight for a 5’11” ranges from 150 – 160 pounds.  I know that the low end of the scale is probably for men with a smaller frame but the thought weighing of 160 pounds seems a bit absurd to me, Am I out of my mind?  I haven’t weighed that much since high school!  Well except for the first 2 weeks of college where I went from weighing ~170 to ~150.  I don’t recommend doing that!

The USAF PT regulations actually had a more logical idea of an ideal weight (scary huh).  They state than in order to get maximum points for my body composition on the PT Test I have to either have a 32.5-inch waist or have a BMI of 25 or below (I have to weigh 176 pounds in order to have a BMI of 24.89).  The 32.5-inch waist seems a bit harsh because I know plenty of people who have a body fat percentage in the single digits but don’t have that small of a waist.

WW states that my healthy weight ranges is 143-179 pounds.  The 179 pounds is more in line with the USAF standards so this was essentially the behind one of my goals for 2012.  Since I want to weigh 180lbs that means I need to lose close to 30 pounds and if I can follow their recommendation of losing 2 pounds per week, I should reach my goal around the first part of April.

One important thing to remember is to weigh myself AFTER the morning ritual of sitting and thinking.  On the 28th I weighed over 210 pounds…then I realized that I was plugged up like a constipated accountant…I couldn’t budget!  Once I resolved that messy situation, I dropped at least 3 pounds!  I don't think I can "ponder" that much more than once a week so I will stick with WW!

How was your week?  What did you do to reach your 2012 goals?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Race of the Year - Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K Virtual Race

Just like last year I'm running in the The Boring Runner's Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K Virtual Race.

Last year my race performance (disregard the missing pics from last years post...they have gone AWOL) was so stupendous that I placed first in both my age group and overall!  Of couse, I forgot to print out my bib number so I guess that makes me a bandit, therefore making running null and void?

Anybody in the Northern VA area want to meet up in the morning and create a satellite race?  Possible coffee afterwards?
If interested go to the Virtual Race link above and comment on the post to sign up and then comment/shoot me an email so we can work out a time to run on the 28th.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Widget: Boundaries and Snot Rockets

I’ve never been the type of person that can solve complex problems while running.  I’ve heard stories of people who can draft their next book or solve the country’s economic downfall.  That’s not me; I tend to focus on things like blowing the best snot rocket, what’s for dinner, or not letting the lady with the walker pass me.  However, that changed during 2-mile lunch run. My mind reverted to a chapter in the book I’m currently reading, The Life You’ve Always Wanted, by John Ortberg,

This chapter discusses the idea that as Christians when we don’t experience the authentic transformation we settle for a pseudo-transformation by putting up boundaries or markers in attempts to distinguish ourselves from those who are not Christians. (A lot deeper than snot rockets huh?)  Ortberg goes on to say that “If we do not become changed from the inside-out…we will be tempted to find external methods to satisfy our need to feel that we are different from those outside the faith.  If we cannot be transformed we, will settle for being informed or conformed.” 

Another characteristic of setting up boundaries/markers is that the focus is no longer on Christ but on you.  Looking back at my life, I realize that the times were I set up the most boundaries are when I am not putting the Christ first in my life.  I secretly hope that my boundaries/markers will show everyone that I am different instead of the fact that God loves themThe outcome of being informed and conformed rather than transformed is huge, “The misunderstanding of true spirituality has caused more immense damage to the human race”

"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle.  That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable."
- Brennan Manning

As we have started a new year I encourage you to take a moment (go for a 2 mile run) to look deep into the motives behind your actions.  What do people see, your boundaries/markers or your transformed self?  If you are honest, the answer to this question might surprise you.

Before my 2 miles ended, my brain was full and realized that the 30-degree weather means that I need to perfect blowing snot rockets from both nostrils and remember to wash my running jacket before my next run!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Recap – Better Late Than Never

January Ran 46.5 miles while in the beginning of my training plan for the National Half Marathon.  It was a great start to the year, high aspirations and a lot of motivation.  Looking back I noticed that I never finished The Count of Monte Cristo!

February Ran 44.7.  I fell short of my planned mileage for the month (even ran less than January) thanks to being sick.  I did run my first 10K and met my personal goal of having a sub 10 minute pace.  The winds were said to be about 50 mph so I think breaking 1 hour won’t be that difficult next time.

March Ran 70 miles.  My longest run was obviously the National Half Marathon.  I accomplished my goal of beating my previous PR and Paula Radcliffe’s FULL marathon time.  I am impressed with my time of 2:11:55, however, I am even more impressed that after the race I felt like I could have gone a bit farther.  I wish I was running this race again in 2012, it was a lot of fun.

April Ran 24 miles.  With the scar tissue causing me problems my mileage was cut drastically in April.  This was the beginning to a stretch of crutches and no running.

May Still on crutches so no running.

June – August According to Daily Mile I ran a grand total of 29 miles in 3 months. 

Jun – 13

Jul – 5

Aug - 11

If you think that is bad wait till you seen September and October!

September – October Zero, zilch, nada, nothing.  Sad huh.

October was highlighted by the Weekend to Remember trip.  It was great to spend some time with Lady M and not worry about the kids.

November – December Ran 23 miles.  The good news is that I finished with a decent month, compared to the previous seven!  The best part of December was running a race with Lady M, the worst part was that it was the 5K Hot Chocolate DC.

Nov – 3

Dec = 20

Recap I met some of my goals yet failed at some as well.  I hope to be more consistent with running throughout the entire year and achieve my new goals.  After giving the idea of running a full marathon more thought, I’ve decided to stick with my original goals.  If I’m feeling extra spunky I will run another half, with the goal of breaking the 2:00 mark.

On a side note I realized that I read 17 books throughout the year, an all time personal high!