Monday, December 19, 2011

Clear Your Mind

This past weekend we had a great time visiting Lady M’s extended family in Wilson NC.  I wasn’t able to run on Friday so I had to reschedule it until Sunday morning.  I could have ran outside but since I was only going 1.5 miles I decided to take advantage of the hotels fitness room and it’s treadmill.  The run itself was very uneventful but this mantra on the mirror provided something for me to ponder, which forced me to do the opposite of what it suggested...curse you Hampton Inn!

This suggestion does not requried much effort.  Wait a second…done. 
This ability is one of the tops reasons why I'm glad I'm not a female (having to give birth to kids is my all time #1 reason).  Most men can think about absolutely nothing.  We can turn off our brain and just veg out.  Lady M doesn’t understand how I can do this, but its quite simply really.  There are three steps:
1. Lay/sit down
2. Turn on the TV
    a.  Might required changing the station to sports, however, the Disney Channel has proven to be  effective in providing a “no thinking environment”
3. Stop thinking
WARNING: Be sure to turn brain back own before answering any questions, this might result with girls attempting to paint your fingernails or put makeup on you!  Not that this has happened to me but I've "heard" about this from other guys.  (If this does happen to you don't freak out, most likely "play makeup/fingernail polish" was used and it can be washed off with warm soapy water in a manner of minutes)

It is nice to be a guy so that we can turn off our brains every now and then.  However, when turning of your brain I don't recommend keeping it off for a prolonged period of time.  Your wife and kids won't like it! 

I'm looking forward to a couple times where I can go into a "Brain Free Zone" mixed in with playing with the girls, spending more time with family and going for a few runs over the Christmas Holidays. 

What do you think?

What are your best places to turn off your brain? My personal favorite place is either in my office (when I can get a chance to go there by myself) and the chair in front of the TV.

Do you have an recommendations (attire, food, TV show, etc) on how to best make use this gift?  Pajama pants, my 2006 USAF Half Marathon shirt, and wool socks, coffee, and Phineas and Ferb seem to work the best for me

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