Monday, December 5, 2011

Running with Lady M

I have not posted anything in quite awhile because well, frankly, I am just lazy. I can give you a whole bunch of meaningless details of how we’ve been out of town, I haven’t been running as much and life was real busy but the honest truth is that I was lazy. However, I want to get off my lazy bum and post something of which I am EXTREMELY proud.

Last December year my girls cheered for me as I ran the Fairfax Four Miler. As we drove home from the race I told Lady M and I would love to run at least ONE race with her. By her own admission, her response at the time was “Yeah, don’t hold your breath!” Well, she started running over the summer, got injured (twice) and still decided to run a race with me!

This past weekend we ran the Hot Chocolate 5K here in D.C. The race itself was lacking in a ton of areas. I have never been a part of a race that was so disorganized yet this post is not about the inadequacies of the race, rather how my wife rocked out her first 5K.  In preparing for the race, we decided that to run/walk our way through the course so that we did not re-injure her leg. We also agreed that we did not care what the clock said once we crossed the finish line, the goal was to finish…without injury!

After leaving the house at 0445 to pick up two of Lady M's friends we made it to the National Harbor with plenty of time to spare.  At the time we thought we got there way too early but in hindsight I'm glad we left when we did.  Eventually the time came to line for the 5K start so we lined up in the back of the pack because of our run/walk strategy.  Then we waited and waited and waited and yes waited some more. They finally started the race about an hour past the original start time.  It took us over a mile before we could actually start running without being forced to stop because of so much traffic on the course.  This was not my idea of the first race for Lady M, I hated that we had such a bad experience however, in the words of the great theologians, Monty Python, I decided to “Always look on the bright side of life!”  The race's issues actually reinforced that we were not going to be setting any PR's.  They actually helped us focus on having fun, enjoying fellowship with friends and finishing without looking at the clock. Plus, there were crazy log jams on the course and there was no way we could have ran the entire course with out walking even if we wanted to!  The best part of the race was the Ghirardelli chocolate at the end, that is one area where they nailed it.  I would have like a bit more chocolate but I can't complain since there were over 20K people running!

Lady M might not like this pic!

All in all, I could not have asked for a better chance to run with Lady M.  Sure I would love to have a jacket that has more thickness than a trash bag or a race that wasn't run backwards but I wouldn't trade this past Saturday for anything!  Now I just hope that Lady M will run another one!

Update...I can't believe I forgot to add pictures! 


  1. I love this post but it needs a picture! (let me be more specific ... of your faces in the race, not those yucky shoes!!! :o) Congrats to both of you!

  2. We had two more pics but they didn't come out right. You will be happy because both of those pics showed VFFs, mine and one of Michelle's friends. Yes, women wear them too!

  3. What??? Didn't come out right? They came out way better than that one of me with my tongue out!