Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Already Rethinking 2012?

So I haven't planned on attempting to run a full marathon in 2012 because I want take time to focus on transitioning into Vibrams without being having the pressure of not completing the training or getting injured because of going too far before I'm ready.  However, after talking to a co-worker (who has run about 10 marathons, most recently was last year), I'm starting to rethink my plan for the year.  He thinks that I would have enough time to transition and start a beginner's marathon training plan if I wanted to run a fall race like the Marine Corps Marathon in late October.

The good news is that I don't have to commit to the race yet because the MCM registration doesn't open until 7 March.  I have a while to see how things are going before attempting (it closes quick right?) signing up and the 18 Hal Higdon training plan wouldn't start until late June.

And to think that all of this crazy talk comes before I've consumed any eggnog! 

What do you think, is fall marathon doable, not how about a half?  

Am I taking the "Clear Your Mind" suggestion too far or am I being a pansy about the idea of attempting a full marathon?

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