Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Rare Day in My Life

I absolutely love Saturdays that do not have anything on the schedule and it seems like an eternity since we’ve had one.  So armed with nothing on the agenda, I tried my luck at getting an Air Force hair cut at Quantico (this is always a risky thing to do) and to take the girls to the commissary.  We achieved reasonable success since I still have a decent amount of hair and the girls are still alive! 

I do have say a huge THANK YOU to the barber shop for giving both Claire and Madalynn two suckers and cleaning up the drink that they spilt.  I guess I should also thank the lobsters in the seafood section at the commissary because Claire and Madalynn were happy to watch them crawl around.  Surprisingly they did not make a big deal of me telling them they were soon to be on someone’s dinner plate.

Thanks to a successful family outing I actually had some time to mess around on the guitar after watching this Mercy Me video:

Another installment of MercyMe's Cover Tune Grab Bag. For more on MercyMe and more Cover Tune Grab Bags, visit

Even thought my fingers hurt because I have not played in a while it felt good not handcuffed to a schedule for a while!

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