Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ending the Streak and Finding My Wife’s Boyfriend

So, after a long hiatus due to work, school, life, and being lazy, I’ve decided to start trying to update the blog with some effort of consistency. (Thank you to the 2 of you who asked when my next blog post would be written.) It’s been 129 days between since I last posted something…that streak ends now:

In a nutshell here is an abbreviated recap since my last post. Stitches removed, went to work, celebrated Lauren’s first birthday, lost weight, gained all of the weight back, watched Claire start 1st grade, started my best Dave Ramsey impression, watched a lot of NCIS, and went on a date with Michelle to find out that she has a boyfriend!

What was the highlight of this 129 day span…you guessed it, the date where I realized that Michelle has a boyfriend. We spend this past weekend attending a Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference hosted by Family Life. No, we are not having marital issues, we just took advantage of an opportunity to get away for the weekend (without kids) to refocus and strengthen our relationship. To be honest, we didn’t learn any earth shattering news or long lost theological thoughts on marriage but I was well worth every penny we spent.

I am so thankful for our weekend because I was reminded how much fun it was to “date” Michelle. The last time that we were able to spend an overnight trip without the kids was over a year ago…when Michelle was pregnant with Lauren. It’s amazing what 72 hours of non-stop direct access to the love of your life can do for your relationship. I knew that priorities change when you have a kid two kids three kids but I didn’t realize how much they changed. I keep letting this boyfriend of hers get lost in mix of other duties such as being a husband, father, bread winner, etc…for the family. Now that I’ve found him I need to let him come over and spend some time with Michelle on a regular basis.

I know have a renewed motivation to accomplish God’s plan for our marriage and our girls. If you have an opportunity to attend one of these conferences I highly recommend it, especially if you can schedule it with a group of friends. We had a chance to visit some of Michelle’s friends, whom I affectionately call the UNC mafia, as they attended with their husbands as well.

So, for the two of you who actually read this blog, thanks for the encouragement and motivation to writing start again. I hope to have another post done no later than 128 days!


  1. Dave Ramsey and Weekend to Remember Marriage Conferences are the bomb!! Nice to have you back!

  2. Thanks Big K, its good to be back!

  3. So glad to be able to keep up with your family. What an encouraging post!! We're thankful for friends like you!