Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Running News to Share

I’ve been out of touch with the blogging world for a while since we went on a quick trip to family in the Carolina’s and since I’m transitioning to the VFF my runs are pretty much non-existent and well…lame.  I was hoping to get a few short runs in over the extended weekend but that never happened.  The closest I got was chasing (in the VFFs) the kids around the yard for about 30 minutes.  I wish I had my Garmin on so I could actually see how far I ran and to see how the the GPS would track me climbing all over the fort/swing set.  The good news is that my calves weren’t sore at all.  I can’t wait to “officially” run tomorrow.

Since I don’t have anything running related to share I’ll torture you with a story about my kids:  About 7 hours into our 8 hour drive on Friday, my two oldest girls were singing to their praise and worship CD.  Lady M and I couldn’t be prouder as they sounded like angels.  Attempting to provide some fatherly love, encouragement and wisdom I started to tell the girls how proud I was of them.  I wanted to tell them that not only did they sound beautiful and look beautiful but they also had a beautiful character in that they were praising God.  I didn’t get that far.  After stating that I was proud of them my middle daughter (age 2) yelled out, “Anybody want to see my boobie!?”  The oldest daughter just laughed.  It was all I could do to stay on the road!

Needless to say I had to rethink my words about their character!  It’s a good thing that she is only 2 because if was older I would be really worried!  Now, that you’ve heard my girls are already being scouted by the producers of “Girls Gone Wild”, I feel I need to provide proof that they didn’t start with those ambitions.  Here is my youngest taking a nap while loving on a baby doll.  How can something this sweet turn into a flasher? 

Lauren's Nap

Maybe it is because they come from the same gene pool that gets excited about beating silly games.  Here is a picture of my finest moment of the mini-vacation.  I’m not expecting a Nobel Peace Prize in their future!


Finally congrats to all you Boston finishers!  I am impressed and motivated to run in your footsteps.  I can’t wait to read all of your race recaps!

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  1. Awesome aiming skillz! :)

    I have heard of the power of the Garmin...... is it accurate enough to get a reading around a backyard?!