Monday, April 4, 2011

Its going to be a long summer…

Even though today’s run on par with my normal 5 mile pace it was still the hardest run of the year.  I usually take two rest days after my Saturday long runs so my legs were still tired.   Add to the tired legs and warmer weather and I tried to keep up with much faster co-worker.  All of this combined created a rough run…especially the last mile.  For the 4 out of the the 5 miles I stayed within the overall recommend range of 9:45 – 10:15 in McMillian’s Running Calculator.

1 mi- 9:45.  Feeling strong and impressed that we nailed the lower end of the range.
2 mi- 9:47.  Still feeling strong as I weave my way through the crowd of people watching planes land at Ragan International
3 mi- 9:51.  Starting to feel the effects of the warmer weather while running over the Potomac River…still well within my range. 
4 mi- 9:47.  Had to really force myself to stay below 10:15 while weaving my way back through another crowd.  Not looking forward to the last mile.
5 mi- 10:38.  About 20 seconds over the higher end of the range.  Not a fun mile.

I’m going to chalk up last mile struggles to having tired legs since I normally have 2 days of rest after long runs.  Its going to be a long summer if all runs are this hard.

Thanks to Morgan and Adam for recommending the running calculator!

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