Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are You 'N Syncd with Google Calendar?

Since my life (work schedule, church schedule, girls school and dance schedule, etc...) is laid out in Google Calendar I've been searching for a way to add a get my running schedule syncd with it so that it is with me at all times.  This also allows me to use the weather feature so I know how bad mother nature will torture me during my runs. 

My number one priority in getting my training onto the calendar is for me NOT to manually input the entire thing.  Fortunately there are people who are a lot smarter than me who developed a program that will create the schedule and provide the ical link so that it can be imported into you calendar. 

This one only allows you to use Hal Higdon's Training Plans: Your Training Calendar.  It's nice if you are following one of his plans but it only allows you to import that 12-week schedule, not your personal schedule.  Additionally, this does not allow me to share my schedule with fellow runners, who use Google Calendar.

Do you have your running schedule syncd with Google Calendar?  If so did you import it or manually do it yourself?  Can you share it with other people?

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