Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  The Boys of Summer are Back!  After months or no baseball and a few weeks of meaningless baseball (spring training) the boys are back for 162 games!  This is by far the most excited time of the year for me.  I felt like a child on Christmas Eve went I went to bed last night.  To honor this occasion I splurged a bit and bought an Atlanta Braves technical running shirt! 

The bad news is that I'm stuck here at work and the Braves will be playing across town against the Nationals.  On top of that my work does not allow me to have my phone on so I can't listen to the game on the radio. 

2. March was an all time high for monthly mileage.  As of right now I'm at 70 miles for the month...might be 72 if my legs feel up to 2 more in this afternoon.  After the 5 miler on Tuesday I felt like they needed an day of rest prior to my run on Saturday.  I know that some of you are running a lot more than that but I'm quite impressed with myself.

3.  I've officially lost 10lbs since 4 Feb.  I can't remember the last time that I was 192lbs...probably about 11 years ago.  They say the recommended weight for a 5'11" male is 179lbs...that's a bit scary.  Another 13lbs really?  CINCDAF (aka Commander in Charge of Domestic Affairs, aka Lady M, aka my wife) even agrees that being that weight would be extreme.  So I'm going to get to about 185lbs and see how I feel.  

3.1  I'm also very proud that the CINCDAF has lost about 10lbs.  She is back to the weight she was prior to getting pregnant with our third kid!  She has been working her way through the Couch to 5K program.  This is the first time that she has ran since about 4th grade and she is doing great!  I secretly hope that she learns to like to run so we can do some family races when the kids get a bit older but I'm not going to push it!

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