Wednesday, March 16, 2011

National Half Elevation Comparision

     A couple days ago the official route for the National Half Marathon was released so I wanted to do an elevation comparison of this route and my normal training route.  I was informed that there was a significant hill around mile 6 so that made my mind starting wandering and worrying about the race.  Looking at the comparisons don't see a need to worry anymore.  You be the judge.

Official National Half Marathon Route Elevation (I guessed at the start/finish)

My Normal Training Route Elevation

I still see a decent sized hill about halfway through however, it doesn't seem as drastic as I originally thought.  All in all I'm still pumped about the race.  I'm also looking forward to meeting some new people prior to the start as I've told Lady M not to get the girls up early just to fight traffic just to wait for me to finish the run.

For those who have ran this race before am I way off the mark in comparing these graphs?  


  1. Pritch, I would say that your normal training route has enough hills to have you adequately prepared! Hope to see you at the race, you will do great!

  2. Thanks Dash. As you well know I was worried about the hill a while ago. However, as my training has progressed I'm not stressing anymore.