Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is There Hope?

Now that I've had a few days to recoup and marvel in my victory over Paula Radcliffe, I'm now looking at my next goal.  I'm still trying to be realistic because last Saturday's half marathon was my 2nd one ever so it seems kinda unfair to get too excited about running a PR.  But...I can't help but noticing that since January my pace has quickened and I'm not as winded after harder runs.  Not to mention that I've lost about 10 pounds. 

Could I really be getting faster?  As a self proclaimed W.U.S.S. this is something I must take seriously.  I've grown comfortable with my status.  I've always been one of the last ones to finish races but I'm starting to feel that this might change!  With a finish time of 2:11, I think I will shoot for a 2:00 at the Richmond Half Marathon on 12 November 11.  This has given me a considerable amount of motivation to see what I can really do if I train and eat properly.

The other source of motivation is that I've always heard that a good test to see when your legs are ready to run a full marathon with a respectable finish time.  I'm not quite sure I want to jump into the land of the "others" but its keeps my interested peaked. 

So for now my training plan will be based on one that I got off of the free version of SMART COACH on Runners World.  This plan will have me going down the path to a 2 hours half marathon.  There is plenty of time to adjust if needed but at least I have something to shoot for.  My goal will be lose some more weight, get close to the 2 hour mark for the half, and more importantly still have fun running.   If I can do that I might feel good enough to take away the WUSS label.  Maybe.  I'm no elite runner, and will never be one (I like to eat too much for that) but I might feel like I've arrived. 

For your experieced runners, what kind of running schedule do you keep after your planned races are over? 

Do you immediately (after a rest/recovery time) jump into a new plan for a new race? 

If you don't have a race what kind of running schedule do you do to keep up base mileage?

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  1. Congrats again on your race! You will keep getting faster! I've been running for 20+ years and I'm still getting faster!

    Depending on the race, I may not take any time off and just keep up the workouts. But for my goal race of a half, I am def taking a lower end week this week. I will pool run this whole week.

    I think you should find a 10k (pikes peak?) would be perfect for you, enough time to recover from your half and enough time to get some quality workouts in. It's a great way to surprise yourself with how fast you are!

    Richmond is a bit off, so you def want to find some 5k & 10k's to nurture your speed before you start hitting the distance runs again! I plan on going on a 5k Frenzy soon.

    I love taking a month and running a 5k every weekend. It gets me in race-ready mode, less stressed over races and it gets your legs used to really fast turnover. I always seem a notch better when I'm done with them then before!

    As you prob know, I do alot of pool running to keep the base high! :) Good luck!