Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final Countdown for the National Half Marathon

With the race just two days away I'm constanlty thinking about what the weather will be like, how early do I need to get up, and how am I going to reward myself afterward.  It looks like it will be a chilly start to 2 plus hour run so I will be jumping on Runners World, What Should I Wear?  The sad thing is that I know I will wind up checking it at least 50 more times between now and then.

As it stands right now here is the recommended clothing for the race.  I'm good with all of these except for the running jacket and the gloves.  I have a jacket however; I think it might be overkill.  Sure it will feel good before and after the race but I bet it will be hot while running.  This might be a game time decision.  As for the gloves, if I can find them I will wear them.  I have a pair but I seem to have misplaced them.

When you add shorts over my tights (I would prefer to have an extra layer of clothing between my manhood and the weather), my iPod shuffle, and RoadID the outfit is complete. 

This might be a guy-girl thing but I can guarantee I will not be color coordinated as you females that have already posted your "outfits".  My color coordination will depend on what running clothes are clean, feel, good and make me feel fast. 

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