Friday, March 4, 2011

February Recap

February Running Stats
Planned: 62.3
Ran: 44.7
Delta: -17.6

I missed a ton of runs due to fighting every disease that my kids could throw at me.  February’s totals are so close to January’s totals that the plan of 1000 miles for the year is definitely out of the question unless I feel good enough to take away some of the recovery time after the half in March and possible shoot for a full marathon in the fall.  At this point I would rather give up the yearly goal and get another 1/2 under my belt before thinking about jumping to the full.

Favorite Run: GW Birthday Classic 10K.  There were crazy winds (50 mph) strong enough to topple a couple porta potties so running was quite a challenge.  With all of that I was still able to get a PR…never mind that this was my first 10K.  I’m quite pleased with my 1:01:24 (9:50 pace).  My goal was to either finish under 1 hour or have a sub 10 minute pace, so mission accomplished!

Least Favorite Run: 7 miler on 26 Feb.  I simply ran out of energy/fuel around 50 minutes into the run.  I need to learn how to properly fuel before and during the run.  I felt a surge of energy after Lady M and my oldest daughter brought me some water around mile 5.  I also learned some areas that require a good lathering of Bodyglide.  On a positive note, Lady M said that it looked like I was “gliding” across the road rather than bouncing up and down.  That was a huge confidence builder because I’ve been working on my form and it appears that during the final miles of the run I was still maintaining proper form.

Currently Reading: Still reading the Count of Monte Cristo didn’t realize how long this book actually is.  I’ve also stated reading James Dobson’s book, Bring up Girls.  With three daughters this book will be essential to my “parenting” as they grow up.  With every turn of the page I’m amazed of how much pressure and threats my princesses will face as they enter adolescence and the teenage years.  While not recommended by Dr. Dobson I do want to make it clear that not only do I have both a shotgun and 
a shovel, I also know the order in which to use them!

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  1. Nice month, sorry I didn't see you at the 10k, that race was CRAZY windy! Congratulations!