Sunday, March 13, 2011

Double Digit Territory!

I guess I can now officially say that I do long runs once a week.  I’ve always been under the impression that long runs are really considered “long” until they reach double digits.  I hit that mark this Saturday.  I am extremely proud that I kept a 10:11 pace with a overall time of 1:41:50.  I’m still amazed o f the effects of GU Gels because once I took one around mile 5 my pace increased so I had to be very deliberate in slowing it down a bit. 

So you can add GU Gels to the list of things that I must have when I run:

1. Garmin 305.  For a stat’s and numbers kind of guy this thing is amazing.
2. Body Glide.  No need to say anymore.
3. GU Gels.  I wish I knew about these before.  They simply are amazing.
4. I used to have an iPod but I left it on an airplane a couple months ago.  I’m currently using my Droid X because I’m too cheap to buy another iPod.  The DX also allows me to listen to the Braves anywhere I go so I’m likely not replace it anytime soon.
5. Nathan Water Bottle?  I just bought this over the weekend so that Lady M doesn't have to load the kids into swagger wagon and meet me on the run just to give me water.

I’m even more excited that according to the McMillan Running Calculator this 10 mile time will result in a 2:15:14…that’s 10 seconds better than the “Goal A” time!  I wonder if Paula is starting to get a bit jittery knowing that I might be able to beat her!  Even with my great run this past weekend I’m not changing my goals for the race. 

What are your "must haves" for running?  
Is there gadget, protein shake, or running paraphernalia that I'm missing out on?  


  1. What an awesome predicted run!! Well done on the pace :)

  2. I stopped using my iPod and starting using my DX as well. Merely because I felt as though I was running with an entire electronics superstore on my body. Phone, iPod, Garmin......I just needed to add a 32" monitor and a gaming system and I'd be good to go! :-)

    Whenever I talk about my weekend runs, I call them "long" runs until they go over 8 miles. Something about calling a 5 mile run a long run...I just can't do it. :-)