Monday, January 24, 2011

National Half Marathon Training Check In – Week 3

Here’s the week 3 check in for the National Half Marathon.  I completed all 14 miles scheduled; an increase from 12 miles in weeks 1 & 2.
Mon – Rest
Tuesday – 3.5 (37:43)
Wednesday – 2 (17:54)
Thursday – 3.5 (36:06)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 5 Rest
Sunday – Rest 5 (51:53)

While the program doesn’t call for any tempo runs I’ve made the Wednesday short run a quasi tempo ran where if I’m feeling good and my legs are not overly sore I attempt to run a quicker pace than normal.  So far I’ve done that for all three weeks.  Once the long runs get longer I might have to stop my Wussy attempt of being a Kenyan.
For the second week in a row my Saturday’s long run was pushed to Sunday due to scheduling conflicts.  Last week we were traveling for a funeral so there was no time to run between threatening the kids with a blitzkrieg style of punishment if they don’t stop asking how much longer and attending the visitation.  Therefore I ran Sunday morning prior to the funeral service.
Week 3’s long run was pushed to Sunday due to happier circumstances.  We finally celebrated Christmas with Lady M’s family.  Because of funerals (three in two months) and work we were never able to meet long enough to open presents.  I guess it really doesn’t matter when the run gets done just as long as it did, right?
My goal is to get back on track in week 4 because going long on Sunday is pretty hard schedule wise due to Church and A.W.A.N.A. with the girls takes a higher priority.  I’m interested to see how my legs hold up without the extra day of rest before starting Week 4 and then taking away that extra day of rest by going long on Saturday. 
The good news is that after the 5 miles I felt like I could go a bit farther if needed.  Overall I’m feeling pretty good about how things are going so far.  I am a bit concerned since I’ve heard that the hills play more of a significant role in the half marathon than I figured. 
Still no luck on finding the lost shoes. 
If anybody has seen these shoes please let me know...if returned unharmed and no additional miles added a reward (Starbucks coffee) will be given.

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  1. I really hope I haven't frightened you with hills. It's just that it's not a flat course, and I would say the hill the 10k point rests upon is the biggest hill. is my elevation chart of last years race, you can see it's some rolling up and down and just that one hill. Hope that eases your mind a bit!