Monday, January 17, 2011

Half Marathon Training Check in: Week 2

I’m glad this week is finally over…and I hope I don’t face another week like it in the future.  In the world of running it was a week comparable to Robin Williams deciding to do a voice over in the movie Ferngully.  Coming home from work I decided I would hand carry my new running shoes (only 28 miles on them) because I didn’t want to get the other items in my bag dirty.  This plan seemed to backfire as I left them in the back seat of my ride on the way home.  The major problem is that the rides are very random and there is good chance that I will never see this guy again.  So like Williams, I bet he wishes he could go back and rethink that decision.   So it’s back to my old running shoes until I can save up enough dinero to get some new kicks. 

Putting thing into proper perspective, Lady M’s aunt passed away, the 3rd death in two months, so we were out of town for the funeral.  Due to traveling on Saturday I moved my 4 milers to Sunday morning…with my old shoes.  The good news is that this extra day helped my blister on top of a blister (yes you read that right, one blister formed underneath another blister). 

I actually have some good news as I ran an unofficial PR for 4 miles (40:21) with a negative split!  I had no intentions of running for a PR as I’m still trying to control my pace but it was rewarding anyways.  

On to starting week 3.


  1. Congrats on your PR! :)

    I'm so sorry to hear about the shoes :( Having them lost in a car sucks so much :(

  2. Bummer on the shoes.
    Chuck signed up for the AF Half Marathon. He suggested I run the 5 or 10K. Still thinking about this idea as I am NOT a runner or walker!

  3. Congrats on the PR! Thanks for stopping by my blog. In regards to National being Hilly, as Joan Benoit said when she ran it last year, "It's an honest Abe course. It's not flat." It's pretty hilly, but last year I ran it and did well with no hill training. This year I plan on trying to hit the hills 2-3X a month. But, I told some people how hilly it was last year. They went into the race thinking it would be crazy and wound up thinking it wasn't that bad. It's really the first 10k that's pretty hilly, then you it works out. Keep up the good training, you'll do great!

  4. Those blisters under blisters are killer!!!

    Losing your new shoes...that totally s*cks! I'm sorry to hear that!!!!

    Congrats on the PR though!!!