Saturday, January 8, 2011

Already Ran My First Race This Year

A part of my scheduled 4 miler today I ran 3.1 miles of it for the Adam's virtual 5K.  This "race" was just the thing I needed since we woke up to snow this morning. Seeing how he is in Arizona...with no snow...I feel that I took this race too seriously.  I had Lady M taking a picture so that I could prove my insanity that I'm no pansy. 

For all the ladies out there you can stop looking a my sexy legs, yes I am wearing tight because I didn't want my manhood to freeze off.  I also wore shorts over the tights because I'm just not comfortable letting the whole world the six of you who actually read this blog to see what I'm packing.

Overall it was a good run.  I warmed up pretty quick and feel into a nice pace.  Now I just need to figure out why I keep getting blisters to form on the arches of both feet.  I think I need to get some "real" running socks and quit using the ones from Target.

I'm also happy to report week 1 of the half-marathon training is officially over and I still haven't pooped myself yet!  Week 2 starts on Tuesday.


  1. Good job on doing the race outside! Even though the sun is out here, we still have about 2 inches on the ground.... :( so I'm doing my race indoors

  2. Found your blog with Adam and the Freeze Your Thorns Off run.

    I ran mine in the snow as well. Adds a little extra element of difficulty. :-)

  3. Nej - Seeing where you are from, I don't feel qualified to call what I ran in snow. Last year maybe this year no way!

  4.'s not the two feet or more the east coast had dumped on them...but our 8 inches was enough to make running "interesting" this past week. :-)

  5. Sorry I'm just now commenting on this....

    YES, I'm glad to see that you wear the shorts out there. I do that too... I don't want EVEYRONE knowing my secrets - just my blog readers.