Monday, January 31, 2011

January Recap/Stats

January Recap/Stats

I read a good monthly recap on another blog so I'm copying their idea.  I'm hoping that it can give me a good way to look back and see how I did against my goals.

Miles Planned/Ran: 52 mi/46.5 mi

Rest Days Planned/Taken: 12/14 (I missed two runs (2 and 3.5 miles) and last week thanks to crappy weather and treadmill that wasn't working right.

Long Runs Planned/Ran: 4/4

Favorite run: My favorite run in January was probably the 2 miler that felt like everything was clicking.  I didn't get winded until the right at the end.  For the first time in a VERY long time it felt like I was actually doing something right!  Right close behind this run was the 3 miler where it right after it started to snowing.  Going out to run I got some odd looks from people hustling to get out of the weather.  Yet on the on the running path the looks changed as other runners gave a slight smile and head nod.  

Least Favorite Run: The 5 miler on the treadmill.  I was able to get the treadmill serviced and back in working order so my AWOL from running streak stopped at 2.  While it felt good to be running again, 5 miles on the treadmill is not something I want to do again.  Ironically watching Tinkerbell with my girls while I ran didn't help pass the time.

Current Obsession: I finally got a Kindle so know I'm staying up way too late downloading all of the free the ebooks of the classics such as The Count of Monte Cristo.

What I'm Most Proud Of: Feeling like I could have ran longer than required after completing my first 5 mile long run, however that I'm most proud of the fact that I've kept my running priorities in place for the whole month. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

National Half Marathon Training Check In – Week 3

Here’s the week 3 check in for the National Half Marathon.  I completed all 14 miles scheduled; an increase from 12 miles in weeks 1 & 2.
Mon – Rest
Tuesday – 3.5 (37:43)
Wednesday – 2 (17:54)
Thursday – 3.5 (36:06)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 5 Rest
Sunday – Rest 5 (51:53)

While the program doesn’t call for any tempo runs I’ve made the Wednesday short run a quasi tempo ran where if I’m feeling good and my legs are not overly sore I attempt to run a quicker pace than normal.  So far I’ve done that for all three weeks.  Once the long runs get longer I might have to stop my Wussy attempt of being a Kenyan.
For the second week in a row my Saturday’s long run was pushed to Sunday due to scheduling conflicts.  Last week we were traveling for a funeral so there was no time to run between threatening the kids with a blitzkrieg style of punishment if they don’t stop asking how much longer and attending the visitation.  Therefore I ran Sunday morning prior to the funeral service.
Week 3’s long run was pushed to Sunday due to happier circumstances.  We finally celebrated Christmas with Lady M’s family.  Because of funerals (three in two months) and work we were never able to meet long enough to open presents.  I guess it really doesn’t matter when the run gets done just as long as it did, right?
My goal is to get back on track in week 4 because going long on Sunday is pretty hard schedule wise due to Church and A.W.A.N.A. with the girls takes a higher priority.  I’m interested to see how my legs hold up without the extra day of rest before starting Week 4 and then taking away that extra day of rest by going long on Saturday. 
The good news is that after the 5 miles I felt like I could go a bit farther if needed.  Overall I’m feeling pretty good about how things are going so far.  I am a bit concerned since I’ve heard that the hills play more of a significant role in the half marathon than I figured. 
Still no luck on finding the lost shoes. 
If anybody has seen these shoes please let me know...if returned unharmed and no additional miles added a reward (Starbucks coffee) will be given.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Half Marathon Training Check in: Week 2

I’m glad this week is finally over…and I hope I don’t face another week like it in the future.  In the world of running it was a week comparable to Robin Williams deciding to do a voice over in the movie Ferngully.  Coming home from work I decided I would hand carry my new running shoes (only 28 miles on them) because I didn’t want to get the other items in my bag dirty.  This plan seemed to backfire as I left them in the back seat of my ride on the way home.  The major problem is that the rides are very random and there is good chance that I will never see this guy again.  So like Williams, I bet he wishes he could go back and rethink that decision.   So it’s back to my old running shoes until I can save up enough dinero to get some new kicks. 

Putting thing into proper perspective, Lady M’s aunt passed away, the 3rd death in two months, so we were out of town for the funeral.  Due to traveling on Saturday I moved my 4 milers to Sunday morning…with my old shoes.  The good news is that this extra day helped my blister on top of a blister (yes you read that right, one blister formed underneath another blister). 

I actually have some good news as I ran an unofficial PR for 4 miles (40:21) with a negative split!  I had no intentions of running for a PR as I’m still trying to control my pace but it was rewarding anyways.  

On to starting week 3.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm A Victim...And Need Your Help!

So far in every run that I’ve done this year I’ve had a hard time keeping my pace under control for the first part of the run.  I always go out much faster than planned for the first half then slow it way down for the finish.  Inevitably my overall pace is about 20-40 seconds faster than what is recommended by McMillian Running for a sub 2:15:24 half marathon goal.  After much thought and research spending little extra time reigning on a porcelain throne this morning I think I figured out why.  I am a victim. 

That’s right a victim suffering from Wickedly Ultra Slow Syndrome, also known as a WUSS in the professional world.  The problem with being a WUSS is that I’m just like Maverick in Top Gun.  Beside the good looks I constantly feel “the need…the need for speed!”  So know that I know what the problem is, and knowing is half the battle, I need to find the answer.  I know I must slow things done to avoid injury and actually increase the chances of meeting my goal time, but the question is how do you do that?
So, is there anybody that formerly suffered from being a WUSS that has solved this issue?  How can I find the WUSS Anonymous group in my area? 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Already Ran My First Race This Year

A part of my scheduled 4 miler today I ran 3.1 miles of it for the Adam's virtual 5K.  This "race" was just the thing I needed since we woke up to snow this morning. Seeing how he is in Arizona...with no snow...I feel that I took this race too seriously.  I had Lady M taking a picture so that I could prove my insanity that I'm no pansy. 

For all the ladies out there you can stop looking a my sexy legs, yes I am wearing tight because I didn't want my manhood to freeze off.  I also wore shorts over the tights because I'm just not comfortable letting the whole world the six of you who actually read this blog to see what I'm packing.

Overall it was a good run.  I warmed up pretty quick and feel into a nice pace.  Now I just need to figure out why I keep getting blisters to form on the arches of both feet.  I think I need to get some "real" running socks and quit using the ones from Target.

I'm also happy to report week 1 of the half-marathon training is officially over and I still haven't pooped myself yet!  Week 2 starts on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Late Breaking Goal for 2011

In an interview for the 2010 LA Rock 'n' Half Marathon James Marsden, best known as Cyclops in the X-Men movies, said that his goal was “My goal is not to poop myself.”  I laughed until I found out that his actually does happen.  Therefore I herby make a declare that “not pooping myself” trumps all my other running goals for this year.  I don’t want to be this guy (not James Marsden):

I guess this does bring new meaning to “He’s got the runs”!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year with New Goals

My goal for 2011 can be summed up in one word.  Consistency.   In efforts to meet another goal (run a marathon in 2012) I need to build a strong mileage base that prepares my body to the longer runs.  So my other goals match up with building this mileage base:

-          Stay healthy
-          Run 1000 miles (with my 5 miles already run this week I’m already .30% of the way there!)
-          Run a 10K
-          PR in a 5K
-          PR in a Half Marathon

Here is my race schedule for 2011.  I’m not going to freak out if I can’t run all of the races but after running the Fairfax Four Miler on New Year’s Eve I have extra motivation to get back out there and mingle in the back of the pack.