Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Things Thursday

It has been a sad week since the Braves ended their season with the lose to the SF Giants.  Making it extra hard was seeing Bobby Cox retire.  However, the good news is that they didn't even wait 48 hours to hire his replacement, Fredi Gonzalez.  He will be a great fit for my Bravos!

My running has been non existent this week.  Its getting to the point where I feel like I'm falling behind the eight ball and losing valuable base miles.  I have to keep telling myself that continuing to run while your sick will only make matters worse.  I hope to get back into things in the next day or two...we shall see.

The loot has arrived.  My autographed Max Lucado book, Out Live Your Life has finally arrived.  OK so it actually came awhile ago but in trying to get the basement finished I never had a chance to post it.

Now comes the hard part, when can I find time to read it.  First I need to finish the two books I'm currently reading before my next round of classes start on 25 Oct.  So if I don't get a chance to read it between now and then there's no telling when I will find the time.  It might sit in my bookcase to collect dust for a while but at least it will be one of the first books I grab when I can.

I'm also in the market for a good book that dicusses how to effectively manage one's time.  Any recommendations?

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