Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1) So far so good.  My transition to my VFFs have been pretty non eventful thanks to the advice of minimalist running sites.   I feel like I can run much farther but I'm forcing myself to stick with the schedule of only running every other day and by increasing the mileage by 1/8 of a mile so that I don't get injured.  I'm hoping that I still like running in them in a couple months because I'm thinking about running in these shoes for a long time.  I'm interested in how the shoes (and your feet) will hold up after running some longer distances. I have a friend who, in these shoes, ran the Army Ten Miler last weekend and is going to run the Marine Corp Marathon this Saturday.  She hasn't complained about any abnormal pains so that is encouraging.

2) For extra motivation to keep on schedule, I'm going to sign up, after checking with Michelle aka CINCDAF (Commander in Charge of Domestic Affairs) to make sure that we are going to be in town and that nothing crazy is planned), for the Fairfax Four.  My current running schedule will get me to the point where I'm running more than 4 miles in the VFFs so this race will be a test to see how well my feet are doing.  If I need to switch back to the old heavy clogs for the 1/2 marathon I can.

3) Claire and Madalynn have their first race this Saturday.  We will be going to Fort Belvoir for their Track or Treat 100 meter sprint.  I'm pretty sure that Claire will run the whole way but Madalyn might take a leisurely stroll.  Claire even stated that once she is done with her race she will go back and help Madalynn finish hers!  We've been trying to teach her the "Fruits of the Spirit" so this is a great example "love" by showing that you care for others and that you want to help them.  I'm hoping she will do it. 

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