Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Mash

This past weekend was crazy busy.  Thanks to a lot of help from friends we got all of the furniture moved into the basement.  We spent a couple hours after the move trying to organize the rest of our junk so M could park the swagger wagon in the garage.  All in all we were successful because she just called and said that it was nice to be able to run errands without having to get wet walking from the driveway to the front door.  A happy wife leads to a happy life.  We ended up having our neighbors over for a cook out that night so it was a great way to end the long day.  The bad news is that I was too tired to get my run in.  I knew this would happen so I planned on getting get done on Sunday instead.  However Sunday's perfect storm of events proved to be more than we could handle.

We got up in time to make it to church but when Claire started coughing things went downhill.  We decided that I would take Madalynn to church while M stayed with Claire and Lauren.  Claire eventually said she wanted to go (after taking cough medicine) so we decided to let her stay with us rather than her class.  Between making that decision and trying to get the girls ready we were already running late.  Seeing the handwriting on the wall I declared that the family isn't going to church today.  I went to the basement to start organizing our mess while M fed Lauren.  It wasn't too long before M informed me that they were leaving for church.  Sheepishly I had to acknowledge that she was right and we could still make it to Sunday school (our worship service meets first).  We finally get to church to find that Madalynn had a complete blowout diaper…one that required a total change of clothes, the car seat cover to be washed, and a bath for Madalynn.  Claire and I continued to church late while M, Madalynn and Lauren headed back home in attempts to meet me in Sunday school.  By the time it took for M to fix everything it was too late to make it back.  They picked us up after church so we could go out to lunch…to discover that Lauren had a complete blowout diaper.  True to form, this one needed a total change of clothes as well. 

M needed to run some errands so I had the girls and was determined to make it back to church for AWANA.  Claire knew her memory verse, kids were wearing shoes, Madalynn and Lauren had clean diapers, and they were loaded in the truck on time so I was finally feeling good about the way things were going.  M would be so proud of me.  However, my truck's battery decided it didn't want to start.  By the time it would have taken to get it jumped or for M to come pick us up we would have missed a large part of AWANA so I decided to call it quits for the day.  I was not able to get my run in on Sunday either.

Can I have my weekend back?

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