Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Mash

I have a new mileage goal for the rest of the year.  After doing more research on running in VFFs I’ve altered my running goals to adequately account for me feet and calves adjusting to running without the support of normal running shoes.  It has dropped from 129 miles to 93 miles.  Most of these miles will be short runs with a gradual increase of 1/8 of a mile every other day.  I’m still going to hold off on getting the Forerunner 305 running watch as I will still need to be consistent in running because this plan will still get me to the start of my actual training program in January.  As an additional goal I’m planning on running the Fairfax Four miler on New Year’s Eve…assuming I want to risk being out with the amateur drunks on New Year’s Eve.
Anybody in D.C. want to join me in this race?

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