Friday, October 8, 2010

Do You Recognize The Top 5 Early Signs Of Becoming Numb To Living In An Estrogen Filled House?

1.       Your title of being the “Master of the House” no longer carries its weight as it used to.  Instead your daughter calls you “Daddy Fashion Boy”…and you just shrug it off.
2.       Only days after declaring your new office as a “Man Cave” you come home from work to find a Disney Princess color/sticker book on your desk…you smile and then shrug it off.
3.       While spending precious time in said “Man Cave” you get bombarded by 6 girls under the age of 8.  You declare that this is for guys only and the oldest says, “well you should have locked the door then…but we would use the scissors to unlock it anyways”…you contemplate that profound statement and then shrug it off.
4.       You notice that your hat doesn’t fit right after putting it on when going to work so you make a mental note that it’s time for yet another haircut.  However, when you get to work and check in the mirror you definitely don’t need a hair cut but you do notice a Snow White sticker placed inside your hat…you laugh and then shrug it off
5.       You are capable of putting a girl’s hair into a ponytail without the help of your wife.  Then you realize that you might have to turn in your man card for admitted it…then you shrug it off.
Notice something common about these signs…I keep shrugging things off.  In a later post I plan to submit some reasons why it great to be the only testosterone producing person in the house. 
Any other signs I’m missing?  What else do I have to look forward to?

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