Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. When did kindergarten get so hard? On Tuesday M. and I attended a meet and greet with Claire’s teacher. Boy were our eyes opened. We saw the expected things like learning how to read and write but I was amazed at the pace that they were going. From the moment she gets to her class they are pedal to the metal. They do have P.E. but there is no “nap/rest" time or even snacks!. When she gets home she has at least an hour of 45 minutes of homework depending on the day. But here’s the kicker…did you know a diamond is not longer called a diamond? It’s now officially called a rhombus. When did that change? I don’t my kindergarten experience but I think it a lot different than hers. I guess kindergarten is also a learning experience for the parents. Maybe I’m still not accepting the fact that she has started school. She is growing up so fast that I’m afraid to blink because she might come home with a diamond rhombus ring on her finger.

2. My running has been good this week. I’m trying to pick up the pace to get ready for my upcoming PT test in October so my legs are a bit sore but overall I feel good. Im also looking for a 5K/Kid’s fun run to run around the upcoming holidays but it seems that a lot of races here are on Sunday which is a bummer. I did find a 30 October “Track or Treat” kids only race at Fort Belvoir that I’m probably going to sign the girls up to run. Claire and Madalynn will only have to run 100 meters so I guess it will be more of a sprint, but they will both get a medal a the end. Claire has wanted to run with me so race might be the start of another runner in the family!

3. We have a new basement deadline…17 Oct. It has to be finished by then since Madalynn and Lauren will be dedicated at church both sets of grandparents visiting that weekend. We have our final inspection this Friday and hope to have carpet put down next week so everything is lining up to meet that date.

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