Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Mash

I don’t need to feed my motivation to run, my date with Paula, is providing enough incentive. However, I’m a gadget dork freak and I’ve been eyeing the Forerunner 305 as my latest purchase. Do I need it to run? No. Will it help me run farther or faster? No. But the fact that I can run wherever I want and still know my distance is downright awesome. An additional bonus is that when I’m done with the run it can automatcially update my running log on which also feeds data to my FB page and this blog. It will also help provide the extra kick in the seat of the pants during the winter months before the half marathon. So here’s my plan:

I told M. that I’m not going to rush out and get. I’m going to use it like a carrot on a stick dangling over me for the rest of the year. In order to get it I will have to run 90% of my planned runs between now and the end of the year. That’s 129 miles. In the grand scheme of things 129 miles not a lot considering that an elite marathon runner easily runs over 100 miles a WEEK! So, if I can’t be consistent with my base mileage then I don’t deserve to have a fancy running watch. All in all this shouldn’t be too bad but I know that I’m going to have to be disciplined during the holiday’s periods.

Love gadgets too? What’s your favorite?

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