Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Actually Won Something!

I hardly ever win things, sure every now and then my number is drawn at a raffle but it’s usually something like a fruit basket. So I never expected to receive the “congratulatory” email today. Along with 99 others I was selected by Michael Hyatt to receive an autographed copy of Max Lucado’s new book! This is the by far the coolest thing I’ve won (right next to the camping grill that I promptly returned to Home Depot and got a $45 gift card). Take that Doofenshmirtz!

It looks like I have to wait 1-2 weeks before I can read my personalized copy so until then I'm going ride this good luck train and sign up the free cruise sweepstakes I keep seeing! However, with my known luck I will be happy with the Braves getting back into first. Expect a book review once I read it.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve won?


  1. Way to go Ray! I like Max Lucado's books.
    Way back when Wrestling was cool, I won tickets to a WWF fight. I don't think it was an awesome prize, but Chuck and one of his buddies sure liked it! I just recently won two ribbons at the county fair for some of my photography work. :)

  2. Wrestling tickets would have been great! Congrats on the county fair ribbons! What photos did you win the ribbons with, are they on your blog?

  3. I won 2nd place for a sunflower picture and 3rd for a picture of Loveland Castle. I think they are on my facebook page still. I was excited :)