Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Claire Starts Her 16 Year Process of Going School

It’s been a while. Who would have thought that the time to actually sit down and write something would be so scarce? We are only adjusting to Laruen being a physical member of the family, Claire starting kindergarten, Madalynn’s terrible two stage, Michelle adjusting to all of this after recovering from a C-section, working on the basement and still trying to make a living. With everything going on I’ve hardly had to time to sit down and reflect on things. However, here is one highlight from our past month:

A couple weeks ago we attended Claire’s 45 minute kindergarten orientation. There was a period were Claire stayed with her class as they started teacher Claire “started” school last week. Overall she was excited but she was also disappointed that she didn’t learn how to read or write. I tried to explain to her that she wasn’t going to learn everything at once. It will take a gradual process spanning across the school year so there is no need to get frustrated. I informed her that she needed to focus on learning what Mrs. Plaster is teaching that day. In time she will learn how to read or write. Feeling confident that I nailed it with my astute parental wisdom I was eager to hear her response. My pride was quickly deflated when she came back saying, “You mean I have to go to school tomorrow too?” She apparently never grasped the idea that her stage of everyday is a vacation is over. She is now a professional student for at least the next 16 years. Oh well, at she is still having fun and still wants to go to school.

Our fun as parents of a kindergartener is just beginning as we have our first PTA meeting on Thursday.

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