Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Photos

Uncle Mike and Aunt Carmen came to visit us this weekend so we took the advantage of the opportunity to take Claire and Madalynn to see the sites and the National Air and Space Museum. Michelle was able to rest better since MeMe stayed at the house to watch (spoil) Lauren. Here are some pictures of the happenings.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Need Royalty Rights!

Click the link to watch their interpretation of my original idea. OK, so they did a better job but what do you expect? Steve Carrell's Big Decision.

I expect to have royalty checks coming into my off shore banking account any second now.

Oh, my decision was Chipotle...

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Decision

Following last nights egoistical broadcast of Lebron James’ decision to play for Miami, I’ve decided to do the same. Rather than being paid millions of dollars to help make up his mind, my decision will actually end up costing me money. This difference does not by any means make my decision of lesser importance. So here is the big question bearing down upon me:

Where am I going to eat dinner tonight?

Here are the candidates in the running in random order:

1. Five Guys
2. Potomac Hospital Cafeteria
3. Chipotle
4. Subway

Each establishment has its own pros and cons.

Five Guys – How can you go wrong with a cheeseburger and sweet tea. Cheeseburgers are one of my favorite food groups and Five Guys makes a great burger so they are considered a strong favorite. The might cost a little more when compared to the others.

Potomac Mills Hospital Cafeteria – Old faithful due to what they’ve done for me. They have provided great care for Michelle and Lauren during the c-section. Staff has more than polite and accommodating to me and my family. The food selection and potential is by far the lowest of the candidates however, the cost is much less as well. It will be a tough decision. Seeing how it is basically free it is the most economical choice.

Chipotle – Mexican, the other favorite food group of mine. How can you pass up the burrito bowl? This would almost be a dream come true to eat their food. I really feel that I can accomplish great things with the opportunity that Chipotle provides.

Subway – Probably the establishment that is better suited for my physical well being. Food is alright and the cost is decent however if I wanted a sandwich I could make one at the house. I’m interested enough to hear their offer but I’ve got to be honest, I will probably be dreaming about Five Guys or Chipotle.

So let the shameless plugs begin. I’m ready to hear offers, advice, and guidance in making this big decision. I don’t want to make an emotional decision so I will need to take some serious time pondering what to do while Michelle and Lauren sleep.