Monday, June 28, 2010

What is Your Favorite?

This past weekend we took the girls to a water park as a “last outing as a family of 4”. We really enjoyed watching the girls play, slide, and splash in the pool. While eating lunch I asked the girls what their favorite part of the day has been so far. Here are their responses:

Claire: “This is the best water park ever! I really like going down the super fast slides!”

Just how fast was it? It was so fast that Madalynn got stuck and had to walk part of the way down before reaching the end! I bet Walt Disney won’t like her answer since we went to Blizzard Beach in WDW last summer.

Madalynn: “Daddy.”

Of course this just melted my heart so I kept asking her the whole day and the response never changed…until she got Dip-n-Dots. FYI: I no longer like Dip-n-Dots; I believe they are of the devil. Just kidding. I think. In the midst of all the excitement Madalynn most enjoyed her Daddy. She didn’t get caught up in the frills and thrills of the park. She never forgot where I was. Her Daddy remained at the forefront of her mind. I realize that this might be the stretching limits of her rationale thinking but that’s what I would like to think.

So, once again I learned important lessons from my kids. If my heart melted by Madalynn’s response, how much more would God’s melt if we had that same attitude. I got to be honest; when I’m at work most of the time I’m not thinking how great it is to be with God. That is usually reserved for my devotions or time set aside just for that purpose. It’ a shame that we let “super fast” slides or even Dip-N-Dots cloud my view of what is really important.

As a reality check I’ve found myself as “What’s my favorite part of _____?” If it’s not being with God then I need a vector check. Anybody with me?

*Picture is taken less than 5 minutes after getting in the swagger wagon to go home.

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