Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Semper Gumby

Semper Fidelis, the well known motto for the Marines, is Latin for “always faithful”. Taken from the U.S. Marine’s website, this motto “guides Marines to remain faithful to the mission at hand, to each other, to the Corps and to country, no matter what”. This implies that Marines are to whatever it takes to get the mission done, even if the required task was not a part of your original plans. That is something I’ve been learning these past 7 months when it comes to following God. Therefore I’ve adopted another lesser known but equally as important motto for this stage of my life…Semper Gumby “always flexible.”

Since God surprised us with a third child, I've been forced to be flexible with our plans, budgets, timelines and even vehicles. I’ve always been a spontaneous person so changing things like dinner plans never bothers me; I actually enjoy the no notice change in plans. However buying a minivan with little preparation or moving up the timeline on when the basement needs to be finished is a different deal. It also means that our future home church in VA may not have everything we are looking for. We might need to go outside the church to fill the calling in our hearts. Overall I need to remain confident that all of these changes are just parts of God’s ultimate plan.

Have you learned to be flexible in your own plans in order to follow God? How did that turn out?

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