Friday, June 11, 2010

Guess I'm Not Cool Enough

Earlier this week Michelle asked Madalynn where she wanted to go eat for lunch without skipping a beat she replied “Chuck Cheeses”. Of course this stems from taking her there for her birthday but I had no idea she was that impressed. When we walked away I was a lot more stressed from the screaming kids and the futile attempts to teach Claire the proper way to drive the race car. My coolness rating for Chuck E Cheeses drop a bunch of levels but Claire and Madalynn on the other hand where in a euphoric bliss. Not surprising they were impressed and I wasn’t. Somewhere in my life some things no longer seemed “cool”? So here are my top 5 things that seemed a lot cooler when I was a kid:

1. Chuck E Cheeses – What’s not to like as a kid? Games…good, toys to win…good, Pizza…GOOD! As an adult I feel like I need to take the appropriate actions to rid myself of the possible lice infections and germs from this petri dish every time I go there.

2. Youth lock-ins – It used to be a great chance to feel like you are allowed to do something that parents have previously frowned upon. As I’ve grown up a bit, why in the world would I want to stay up all night long? I almost do that between work and school and it totally blows!

3. Toys in cereal boxes – They seem so awesome in the commercials and eating enough of the box to finally find the toy was half the fun. Thinking back I was never able to get my toys to do the same tricks the commercial kids had fun doing. While the cereal is still a lot of fun to eat the toys that come with it are still a complete waste of my time.

4. Jams shorts – Remember those? What kid wouldn’t want to have Hawaiian printed shorts to strut your stuff. I specifically remember wearing Jams while visiting my grandparents in Texas. I thought I was the coolest thing around. In the midst of cowboy boots, trucks and big belt buckles I was rocking my Jams. What was I thinking?

5. Big League Chew – I used to love this gum when playing little league baseball. It made me feel that I had a connection with the MLB players. Unfortunately the pros were chewing tobacco and not gum. A couple years ago I decided to bring back this flavorful memory just for fun; I learned my lesson on that one!

Note: Pictured is a minivan that I now own...except mine is grey. They used to be one of the things that I used to think was lame but now its down right awesome! I'm now a card carrying member of the Honda Odyssey club.

Is there anything that you’ve discovered failed to pass the “coolness test” now that you are older?

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