Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dr. Evil Doofensmirtz’s Evil Plan for My Day

Everything was going great until 0600…Claire got up early and went downstairs to convince me not to go to work. I finally got her to lie on the couch to watch Disney Channel, knowing she will be fall asleep if she is still. Five minutes past, she is still wide awake and asking for apple juice. I quickly responded to her request and urged her to be still and let Phineas and Ferb entertain you till Momma gets up. I was very tempted to call in sick and watch it with her but alas I have evil of my own to fight at work.

Little did I know Dr. Evil Doofensmirtz’s evil plans for the entire Tri-State Area has spilled over into the National Capital Region. His evil doings were felt immediately and apparently he knows what he is doing since has been quoted in say, "When it comes to havoc, nobody wreaks like me!"

I finally got all my stuff together and headed to the gym. It didn’t take long till I noticed that I left my blackberry on the desk. Due to the mass transit complexity I have no choice to press on. I still haven’t gotten over the feeling that catastrophic events are soon to come since I don’t have it with me. Seriously, what am I going to do without my life-link attached to my side? How will I know if the Carmen, the Christian recording artist, makes an unrequested comeback? How will be told that the BP oil spill is still spilling and those environmentalists are still raging mad? Thank goodness there is internet at work. (Come to think of it why am I so bent out of shape on this, I’m not even allowed to have my phone turned on when I’m in the office). Oh well, it will all be better once I get to the gym and run out my frustration.

I finally endure the always interesting slug experience and make it to the gym. I’m ready to put my new shoes to the test but I’m missing something…I know they are in here…I got them out last night just for this purpose…where are my shorts? Yes, I also forgot my shorts. I’m sure the gym has a rule making clothing mandatory so I had to pack everything back up and head to work. Now that my gym time is being pushed to this evening I started focusing the only thing that can make my day better lunch. But you guessed it my lunch isn’t in my bag where my blackberry and shorts are supposed to be. My run will now have to fit in somewhere between dinner, bath and bed routine, school and actually sitting down and talking with Michelle.

I think Claire had the right idea, lie down on the couch and let Perry the Platypus fight the good fight with Dr. Evil Doofensmirtz. It seems like he has much better luck in doing so.

On to solving the world’s problems, with no blackberry, shorts or lunch.


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