Monday, April 19, 2010

Mustache March Finals

April is here, and it brings some sadness to my heart as well as a new found breeze on my lip. While we can all sit around and reminisce about 'staches of the past, we must look forward to what the future holds. A couple of positives:

1) Productivity increases due to less people staring at our faces like pandas at the National Zoo; waiting for our every move

2) Statistically, birth rates spike in the month of Jan (9 months after the end of Mustache March; you decide on the significance)

3) There is only 316 days until Mustache March 2011

I didn't win but I had a good time displaying my testosterone at home. The picture is of all the contestants that were man enough to keep their 'stache for the entire month. The winner is located sandwiched between gentleman in a flight suit and the one with the tie on.

One step at a time,


  1. I found you in the picture and was too busy taking in the true awesomeness of your mustache for it to click that post was in fact about the 'stache :) I did think it was strange that you had so many fellow mustache loving friends, lol. Like the blog!

  2. Don't worry Tiff, that is a common mistake that most women have during March!