Thursday, April 15, 2010

How I am like a elite endurance athlete...really I am!

David Goggins is a rare individual. He was named a 2008 Runner’s World “Hero of Running”. Rather than butchering his accomplishments and his bio you can read it for yourself on Runner's World. He is like no other athlete I have ever heard of in that he doesn't like what he does so to speak. You would think that most athlete’s like their sport. They enjoy it and can’t wait to go out and showcase their talents. Not Goggins. In his own words, “I’m nobody special. Let’s be perfectly clear…I don’t like to run. I don’t like to swim. I don’t like to bike.” Yet he still does it because his motivation comes from something greater than himself. “I do this to raise money for the children of soldiers killed in combat.”

I can’t help from making comparisons between his life and mine. I’m sure that you see it too but let me explain that by no means am I an endurance athlete. The most I’ve ran is a half-marathon, 13.1 miles. That was about four years ago. Since then the most I’ve run at one time is five miles. I don’t own a bike. Newsflash: I am no David Goggins. However, I do see resemblance between his thoughts on motivation for his goals and the motivation for my Christian walk. Just as Goggins doesn’t find running, biking or swimming fun. For me pursuing a Godly life is not fun. I don’t like to do it as it goes against my sinful nature. (Romans 3:11, there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God.) Please understand what I’m saying and what I’m NOT saying. By no means am I saying that living according to God’s word is not fun. It’s the daily pursuit of God’s will that reveals just how far I really am from what God has called me to be that I don’t find enjoyable. No one likes to be aware of areas in which you are not meeting the standards. However I’m sure that Goggins likes the outcomes of his training just as I like the outcome of the process of pursuing God.

I also agree with Goggins’ view of motivation. If we are focused on doing something for ourselves, we will simply fail. Why didn’t I continue with my running and complete a full marathon? Because training for the distance takes time, brings about sore muscles and I was running for me. But ultimately my motivation is to make sure that I can pass the USAF PT test (only have to run 1.5 miles and the required number of push-ups and sit-ups). Why do I refuse to give up striving to live a Godly life, even though I’m constantly reminded of my sin and short comings? It’s the death of Christ that has saved me from my sin that keeps me going. It’s his sacrifice that is greater than anything I can imagine. Sure it takes time and my spiritual muscles will be sore but His death provides more than ample amount of motivation.
What is your motivation?

One step at a time,

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