Monday, March 15, 2010

So How Much Can I Learn in One Day?

This past Sunday Michelle and I took the girls to visit another church in our quest to find a fellowship home. The day turned out to be one that taught me a few things reminded me of a few things that I already knew. To give a bit of background on how the day started my intentions was that we would take the rainy day off and rest. I was recovering from having a cold that Claire gave me. On top of being the third trimester, Michelle is battling the cold that I just gave her. Needless to say, I felt justified as the spiritual leader in the house to raise the white flag even before I got out of bed. That was until Claire climbed in bed and asked if today was “church day” and when were we leaving. Michelle (who was already out of bed) said to me, “That’s the second time she has asked, so what are we going to do”?

In my astute wisdom I said, “Are you serious?” After contemplating the fact that Claire is basically saying, “Stop making excuses, get out of bed and lets go to church Daddy. How am I going to grow up to be a Godly woman if you can’t even summon enough energy to take me to church?” Knowing full well that we would be late, we all hurried and got out the door as quick as we could. I don’t know why, but I was surprised to find ourselves pulling out of the driveway in record time. I was even more surprised that with D.C. traffic we made it to church with plenty of time to spare.

By the time that we made it inside I knew that we were going to have a good visit. Just by looking at the program it is evident that they have a definite focus on children, one of our main concerns in a church. After sitting down Claire noticed a group of kids on stage ready to sing and says, “Daddy, I want to go on stage too!” Now this is coming from the shy girl that in previous performances at school that never sang or did hand motions. At this point nothing surprises anymore.

Michelle left to drop Madalynn off in the nursery after the praise and worship. I was astonished to hear that (remember I’m not surprised anymore) there were ample amount of people to help fill out the necessary paperwork, give Michelle a security tag and start prepping Madalynn for the separation from Mommy. Then I was even more astonished that Madalynn didn’t get shed a single tear. Both Michelle and Madalynn were happy with the nursery experience.

Due to Claire wanting something to drink in the midst of the message, I wasn’t able to hear all of it but what I liked what I heard. It was centered on Romans 3:10-23. Essentially we need to have the right mindset of sin. We are sinners not mistakers. I am a sinner that will find excuses to not obey. Essentially my plan for a lazy Sunday morning was a result of the sin in my life and if I let it would prevent me from finding the church body that God was called my family to join. At the core of my excuse is sin…it’s not a mistake. The pastor used the following statements from Andy Stanley, “If everything I do wrong can be dumbed down to where it's just a mistake, then that makes me a mistaker—which means I don't have sin in my life. If I don't have sin, I'm not a sinner, and if I'm not a sinner, I don't have any need for a Savior. If you're just a mistaker, then all you have to do is do better; if I'm a sinner, then simply trying harder isn't going to get it done”. It isn’t something that I can “do” myself; even at my best I still need a Savior. Claire and I met Michelle after the sermon and quickly decided that we will attend this church again next week.

So here are my lessons learned:
Lesson #1: Although it is my responsibility to be the spiritual leader in the family, I can learn an awful lot from my kids. Obviously Claire has taken in a lot of things that Michelle and I have tried to teach her so she knows that going to church is important. Don’t ruin everything that she already knows by inserting a mindset that church is something that can be skipped.

Lesson #2: At the core, my laziness is a sin. It’s this sin that keeps me from doing the small things that I recently mentioned. It’s this sin would have prevented me from fellowshipping with my family and a new church. It’s this sin that leads me to think that I know what’s best for the family on a rainy Sunday morning. I grateful that Claire reminds me what we are called to do and that I took the spiritual leadership seat behind my 4 year olds direction.

One step at a time,

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